Become a Member of The Network

sloganWe invite you (regardless of gender) to join our rapidly growing statewide organization. Now more than ever, help us expand our positive influence on local, state and national elections and educate Kentuckians about what Democrats stand for — true American values. Help us involve thousands of women in the grassroots efforts to improve the lives of women and families by supporting Democratic principles and candidates who abide by those principles.

Remember, when women vote, Democrats win! Be part of the solution, as we reclaim our nation’s great birthright.

I want to join The Women’s Network. I am proud to be an advocate for Democratic principles.

Annual dues are $30. Please mail a check payable to TWN to The Women’s Network, P.O. Box 910246, Lexington, KY 40591-0246. Please provide us with your mailing address, email address and telephone number so we can notify you of programs in your area. We promise not to share your contact information with other organizations and individuals.

Membership dues are not a donation to TWNPAC (The Women’s Network’s Political Action Committee).

Thank you very much for joining The Network!

Note: by paying via check, you authorize us, in the event your check is dishonored or returned for any reason, to electronically re-present the check to your bank for collection, plus any applicable fees as permitted by state law.

The Network encourages high school and college students to join The Network and will waive the annual membership fee. Simply send an email to  with your name, email address, and the name of the school where you are enrolled.