Fall 2016 TWNPAC Endorsements

The Women’s Network Political Action Committee (TWNPAC) is pleased to announce its endorsement of 22 Democratic candidates for the Fall 2016 election

These endorsements were based on The Women’s Network mission supporting democracy that is both free and fair through its 14 “Core Principles” that promote human rights and foster a just community for all people. The principles embrace the Four Freedoms as set forth by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1941 underscoring the freedom of speech and expression; the freedom of every person to worship God in his own way; the freedom from want and the freedom from fear.

The following candidates were endorsed:

Office Candidate Website
Federal candidates    
US Congress Nancy Jo Kemper www.kemperforcongress.com
US Senate Jim Gray www.grayforkentucky.com
State candidates
State House 10 Dean Schamore www.deanschamore.com/meet-dean
State House 11 David Watkins www.watkinsforstaterep.com
State House 12 James Townsend www.townsendforstaterep.com
State House 38 McKenzie Cantrell www.cantrellforkentucky.com
State House 45 Pam Sigler www.siglerforstaterep.com
State House 46 Al Gentry www.algentry.com
State House 48 Maria Sorolis www.sorolisforkentucky.com
State House 49 Linda Belcher
State House 54 Bill Noelker www.billnoelker.com
State House 56 James Kay www.votejameskay.com
State House 58 Cyndi Powell Skellie www.skellieforky.com
State House 62 Chuck Tackett http://chucktackett.com/
State House 64 Lucas Deaton www.lucasdeaton.org
State House 67 Dennis Keene www.denniskeene.com
State House 70 John Sims www.votesimsky.com
State House 7 Joy Gray www.joygrayforstaterep.com
State House 75 Kelly Flood www.kellyflood.com
State House 78 Tom McKee www.tommckee.com
State House 79 Susan Westrom www.repwestrom.com
State House 81 Rita Smart www.ritasmart.com

Information about TWNPAC on the TWN website is paid for by TWNPAC, P.O. Box 910246, Lexington KY 40591-0246.