Commonwealth Policy Institute for Policy Issues and Civic Engagement (CPI)

The emphasis of the Network’s Commonwealth Policy Institute is research leading to policy recommendations consistent with Network goals.

CPI has produced these special reports:

Lifting Kentucky Families Out of Poverty

Report on Criminal Justice Issues in Kentucky

2016 Issues Forum: Investing in Kentucky’s Future

Early Childhood Education: Bipartisan Solutions

Kentucky’s Energy Future…at the Crossroads

Education and Small Businesses: The Keys to Economic Security

A Fair and Adequate Tax Structure for the Twenty-First Century

Issues for study are approved by the Network Board. Once issues for study are chosen, study committees are formed, consisting of Fellows and researchers with expertise in the area from both the Network and the community at large.

White papers summarizing research findings are distributed widely throughout Kentucky, and are used by the Network and its allies to support advocacy around study recommendations. They have been useful in the Network’s involvement in public education as well as with the legislature and Governor’s Office.

  • Joan Gregory – Convenor, Ft. Thomas
  • Bill Wilson – Vice Convenor, Lexington
  • Marty Lanus – Secretary, Shelbyville
  • Nancy Brashear, California
  • Bobby Clark, Lexington
  • John Halcomb, Schochoh
  • Elizabeth Jackson, Villa Hills
  • Charlene McGrath, Southgate
  • Jessica Yaeger, Louisville