About The Network


The Women’s Network, Advocates for Democratic Principles, is committed to activating Kentuckians — particularly women — to take part in the political process, strengthening their influence and inclusion in policy-making decisions.

The primary goal of The Women’s Network is to establish and manage a citizen network to educate, motivate, advocate and activate Kentuckians in support of Democratic  principles. Our activities include:

  • Promoting enlightened principles that embrace the core ideals of the Democratic Party and working to make those principles known to Kentuckians.
  • Organizing women who will motivate others to become politically active.
  • Identifying and supporting candidates, female and male, who represent the principles of the Democratic Party and who support the Network’s positions.
  • Identifying civic problems and pursuing solutions.
  • Supporting and partnering with organizations whose goals and purposes complement those of the Network.

Dedicated to the achievement of a truly Democratic society, members of The Women’s Network embrace the Four Freedoms set forth by Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Core Principles of the Democratic Party: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want, and Freedom from Fear. We believe that:

  • All people are entitled to live without fear for their own safety or the safety of their loved ones. That safety must be secured by both protection and prevention.
  • Each person is entitled to access to honest work providing a living wage conducted in a safe, healthy work environment.
  • Access to high quality public education must be available to all people regardless of sex, race, religion, national origin, financial status, or disability.
  • Each person is entitled to quality medical care at an affordable cost.

History of The Women’s Network

The Women’s Network, Advocates for Democratic Principles, was established by a group of dedicated women in Central Kentucky who initially volunteered for Lois Combs Weinberg’s  2002 U.S. Senate campaign. Without that campaign there would be no Women’s Network today.

After the election, a number of women in the Central Kentucky Network indicated a desire to continue to work together in a reconstituted network. Renewing their commitment to the mission and credos of the Democratic Party, the Network women met from November 20, 2002, until the first meeting of The Women’s Network statewide Board on March 5, 2005.


Lillian Press, President
Kim Garmer, Vice President for Political Activities
Jane Graham, Vice President for Administration
Jackie Betts, Secretary
Sally Thalheimer, Treasurer
Joanne Bell
Janet Holloway
Carolyn Holmes, Chair, Task Force for New Democrats
Joan Taylor
Esther Webb, Vice Chair, Task Force for New Democrats
Lois Combs Weinberg
Faye Liebermann, Co-Chair, Membership
Marilyn Moosnick