2022 Candidate Endorsements

The political action committee affiliated with the Kentucky Women’s Network (KYWNPAC) is pleased to announce its endorsement of 32 Democratic candidates for the November 8, 2022 General Election

These endorsements are based on The Kentucky Women’s Network mission supporting democracy that is both free and fair through its 14 “Core Principles” that promote human rights and foster a just community for all people.

The following candidates were endorsed:

Candidate Seat Online
Pam Dossett KY House 8 FB: Pam Dossett for KY 8th District Representative
Bianca Crockam KY House 9 https://www.biancacrockam.com
Michael Johnson KY House 13 johnsonforstaterep13.com
Britt Hernandez-Stevenson KY House 15 https://www.drb4staterep.com/
Patti Minter KY House 20 https://pattiminterforky.com/
Katherine Leonard KY House 25 https://kat4ky.com/
Michael Pfaadt – withdrawn KY House 29 https://www.mattinthehouse.com/
Kate Turner KY House 33 https://www.kateforkentucky.com/
Rachel Roarx KY House 38 https://rachelroarx.com/
Josie Raymond KY House 41 https://www.josieraymond.com/
Maria Sorolis KY House 48 https://www.mariasorolisforkentucky.com/
Elaine Wilson-Reddy KY House 54 https://www.elaine4kyhd54.com/
Grayson Vandegrift KY House 56 https://www.graysonforky.com/
Debby Lucas Angel KY House 61 https://debbylucasangel.com
Buddy Wheatley KY House 65 buddywheatley.com
Tim Montgomery KY House 66 timmontgomery4ky.com
Rachel Roberts KY House 67 https://www.rachelforkentucky.com/
Kelly Jones KY House 68 https://www.kellyjonesforky.com/
Chris Brown KY House 69 https://chrisbrown4ky.com/
Meagan Brannon KY House 70 www.meaganbrannonky.com
Tommy Adams KY House 73 tommyforkentucky.org
George Brown KY House 77
Cherlynn Stevenson KY House 88 https://www.cherlynnstevenson.com/
Lamin Swann KY House 93 https://www.laminswann.com/
Kevin Anderson KY House 99 https://www.kevinforky.com
Brian Easley KY Senate 6 https://easleyforsenate.org/
Teresa Barton KY Senate 20 bartonforkysenate.com
Chuck Eddy KY Senate 22 https://chuckeddy22.com/
Rene Heinrich KY Senate 24 https://www.heinrichforsenate.com/
Karen Berg KY Senate 26
Susan Cintra KY Senate 34 https://www.susancintraforky.com
Matthew Lehman US House 4 https://lehman4kentucky.org/